Advisory Services

Although I have retired from my consulting business, I have promised to remain available on a limited basis to former clients for advisory consultations. (You know who you are!)
Please note that phone calls of less than an hour duration are gratis, and anyone is welcome to call, whether or not they are a former client.
What's included in "Advisory Services"?
Advisory Services include occasional phone, video, or in-person consultations or professional development sessions with former clients or their teams, usually for a few hours but in some cases for a full day or so. Advisory services do not include working on strategic plans, facilitating meetings, or providing consulting support on a sustained basis for major projects.
My intention is to be available to think with you as you examine the issues you are concerned about and the options you may have in addressing them. Limiting this service to prior clients means that (for the time being at least) I already have the necessary context information to provide relevant advice.  Specific details about how I can be helpful would be individually worked out.
These sessions would be billed at the same hourly/daily rate that applied before my retirement, except invoices will come from me as an individual rather than from my former company. 
To set up an appointment, please contact me by email or phone.
Phone: 215-990-6186