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Dear Reader, Welcome to my blog!

I write both personal reflections and professional topics. You can see all of them here, or you can click through to each separate category using the links below this box. I appreciate your readership and welcome your feedback.

About the mechanics -- I sincerely wish I were more adept at making it easy for you to get alerts when I write new posts and to comment on blogs. The best I can do for now is the following:

To receive new posts as I publish them, become a subscriber . With this authorization, I will add you to the Google Groups list that I use to send new-post-alerts.

If you would like to comment on posts that you read here, you must also create a login id, via the red-script button that says "Login/Sign up".  As far as I know, the comment log in and the subscription are two different things. Seems too complicated somehow, but there it is. 


Thank you for your kind patience.
Marisa Guerin 

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