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Launched over 25 years ago, ISPSO is a forum for professional and academic explorations of the ways that psychoanalytic concepts illuminate some of the less rational dimensions of human systems. In my opinion, it provides a critical complement to the otherwise-incomplete perspectives on organizations that flow from disciplines such as management science or social psychology. 

ISPSO is also a community of very interesting people! It has an internationally diverse membership and convene in annual meeting (workshops, members' day, symposium) in a different country each year. 

The ISPSO library provides access to members' papers and publications, video and internet archives of related fields of study, research, and practice.

Cranaleith occupies a gracious 11 acres anchored by a historic original home that once hosted Susan B. Anthony and the suffragists. Now a sponsored work of the Sisters of Mercy, Cranaleith is a retreat and education center that has welcomed and served over 50,000 guests since it opened in 1998.  It offers non-denominational program offerings, meeting space, and a spirit-rekindling environment of hospitality, respect and trust. The welcoming vibe is wonderful and the food is terrific. It's a great place to plan a meeting or team retreat.

"Dare to Understand" is the motto of this vibrant organization, ever more essential in these times of polarization and division. Check out their creative programs - Visionary Women; Youth Initiative and Alternative Break Trips; Inter-Seminary Initiative; Sacred Texts Study; Phila Museum of Art tours; and more.

Mike and I have been using Blue Apron for the last year and a half. If you don't know, Blue Apron is an ingredient-and-recipe delivery service in the USA. A carefully-packaged box arrives once a week, containing absolutely everything - except olive oil and salt - needed to make three ample dinners for two. The cost comes out to about $10 per person per meal, and it makes cooking a good dinner hugely more convenient by taking out the planning and shopping time -- it just takes me a few minutes every few weeks to pick the meals I prefer from the options online, or to suspend delivery when we travel or have company. (I periodically accumulate "free 1 week" trials that I can send to friends if you have any interest. Let me know.)

In case you want to do a website: When I decided to give my website a make-over, I asked my media maven nephew JRL about how I could do that. He recommended a few programs, and I ended up using WIX. Very easy to use. Some limitations (can't post my blogs to Linked-In, for example) but all in all, very satisfying. I am using the plan that involves paying a fee, and I have linked the site to my domain which was purchased from Network Solutions. I don't work fast enough to earn a living doing this, nor do I want to, but I do have a lot of fun with it.

For years I have made use of a wonderful deck of high quality, very diverse photographs published by CCL as a tool for mediated dialogue and conversations. If you are a consultant or facilitator of working groups, you should know of this image-based methodology for evoking associations, creativity, and emotionally-weighted meaning. It's fun and easy, with a very accessible instruction manual.

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